Sunday, July 8, 2012

BEAST WISHES is now an award-winner!

Well, It's been an amazing few weeks. Trish and Frank first traveled to WonderFest in Louisville, Kentucky, and were joined by Bob and Kathy, and one of our guest stars, the incredible artist William Stout. We had a great time talking with fans, and screened BEAST WISHES to a enthusiastic full house on that Saturday evening. The crowd enjoyed it so much, they gave us a standing ovation. And there were quite a few of you there, so that made it even more special.

We've submitted BEAST WISHES to a whole bunch of film festivals throughout the country, Canada and even Sitges in Spain! We are very pleased to tell you that so far we have been accepted in the Feel Good Film Festival (Aug. 3-5 here in North Hollywood) and the Docutah Film Festival (Sept. 5-9 in St. George, Utah). And we h ave been invited to participate in the Montreal HorrorFest (Sept. 14-16). We have also been contacted about screening the film in San Francisco and for the crew over at Walt Disney Feature Animation.

If you are local to the L.A. area, The Feel Good Film Festival will take place at the Laemmle Noho 7 theatre. BEAST WISHES will be screened on Sunday, August 5th at 4 pm. If we can fill up that theatre for our screening, we might have a shot at the Audience Favorite award. So save the date! Tickets for this special evening are available NOW at https://www.laemmle.com/purchasetickets.php?m=MC0wMjItMDgwNTIwMTItMTYwMC0xNQ==.

This past weekend, we attended the Fright Night Film Festival (also in Louisville!), and we are very thrilled and honored to tell you that BEAST WISHES took home the award for Best Documentary! So we thank you all once again, for kickstarting this project, and making BEAST WISHES come true. And a big congrats to our incredible crew, who helped us shape this film into something deserving of awards like this. So thanks Matt, John, Other Frank, Andrew, Justin and Rani!

Here is a photo of the very first award presented to BEAST WISHES: