Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Son Of Monsterpalooza A Chip Off The Old Block!

BEAST WISHES was screened this past weekend at Eliot Brodsky's first SON OF MONSTERPALOOZA convention, held at the Burbank Airport Marriott. A slightly scaled-down version of the April show, this Palooza was still a grand time, filled with monsters, art, celebrities and parties!

The BEAST WISHES screening was once again a tremendous success, with the audience cheering and laughing throughout the film. Bob and Kathy Burns, looking healthy and happy, attended on both Saturday and Sunday. Other cast members who showed up during the three-day festival were Rick Baker, Tom Woodruff, Jr., Dana Gould, Pat McClung, John Goodwin, Steve Wang, David J. Schow, William Stout, Frank Ippolito and William Malone. Among the many celebrities in attendance were Lance Henrickson, Lisa Marie, FRIGHT NIGHT director Tom Holland, Doug Bradley and Joyce Meadows.

We enjoyed handing out with Frank Woodward, director of the upcoming documentary MEN IN SUITS, which also features Bob Burns, Tom Woodruff and Joe Dante.

There were so many amazing artists there, displaying their work and sharing their experiences with both peers and fans. Once again, Mike Hill proved he is the king of life-size reproductions of classic horror characters. This year it was Elsa Lanchester, Boris Karloff and Colin Clive from THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.

One of the highlights came early on Friday evening, as Trish got to meet the incredible Dick Van Dyke. It was a very special moment for her, and we gave him a copy of our film. Dick a is monster movie fan since childhood.

Later on, this scared Trish so bad she ran and hid.

A great weekend. Thanks Eliot!

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